Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Total or Partial Insanity

As I listen to the news each night, I can't help but believe that insanity prevails on the immigration situation. Mind you, this is NOT about race as many squawk about. What it IS about is law. I have a hard time with politicians (all) who choose not to see that illegals in many states are taking jobs AWAY from American citizens. They simply buy Social security numbers and drivers license if they decide to work. What is happening in Texas, and I'm sure other states is they come here, get pregnant and immediately receive welfare and Medicaid. Surely, with 12 million illegals already here, that should take care of the farm work the politicians claim they do. I wonder what kind of farm work there is in Chicago, Houston, Denver, etc?? As I said, I am not racist-many of my friends are Hispanic but enough of the bleeding heart, human rights, let's keep our borders open, is enough. There are people who are citizens who can't find work in plants, manufacturing, etc. The other thing that bothers me is that in all the demonstrations, they are flying Mexican flags!!!, yet they want to stay here. If I went illegallyto Mexico, I would be thrown out immediately-their immigration laws are pretty tough-I surely wouldn't get health care, a job, and food stamps there. I wonder when American Middle class citizens are going to wake up and demand we get tough on illegals-do we have to have another 9/11 to see? Politicians/immigrations as far as I know still have done nothing about deporting the Taliban bigshot attending Yale. Then, again, can any American kid go to Yale-definitely NOT but we let terrorist who have money go. Are we ever going to yell loud and long at the politicians on both sides of the isle who simply want to get re-elected rather than do the right thing for us.